2021 Nevada International School Safety Institute



7:00-8:00:         Registration and coffee outside the meeting room. Registration desk is in the hallway outside the meeting rooms. Look for the Institute Banner.

800-8:30:          Welcome and GATEKEEPER Awards Presentation

8:30-9:45:         Jeff Kaye: “Post COVID School Safety”

Title: School Emergency Management During The Pandemic and Beyond

Area of Specialty: Pandemic, Continuity, and Emergency Response Planning and Training in Schools

Bio: Jeff Kaye is a co-founder of the International School Safety Institute, and the President of the consulting company School Safety Operations Inc. Jeff is a motivational speaker, the author of reference books covering areas related to school emergency management and safe school culture and climate, and a recognized expert in school safety. He took his twenty-five years of law enforcement experience with the Reno, Nevada Police Department and moved into the realm of school safety by taking a position as Director of Public Safety for a large Southern California K-12 public school district. Jeff and his team now consult and train schools, places of worship, and private industry staff on realistic ways they can stay safe, while remaining prepared to respond to any manmade or natural threat that may present itself. Jeff’s work has been source referenced in the creation of laws, policies, and procedures for school safety in the U.S. and Canada.

9:45-10:15:       Break in Trade Showroom (Hosted by School Safety Operations and Safer Schools Together)

10:15-11:30:     Carley Posey: “From Sandy Hook to COVID, Lessons Learned in Crisis”

Title: National Speaker, Advocate for School Safety, Mission Director for the “I Love U Guys” Foundation

Area of Specialty: From Sandy Hook to COVID: Lessons Learned in Crisis

Bio:  Carly Posey is a national speaker and advocate for school safety. Two of her four children were inside Sandy Hook Elementary School when an armed man entered the building on December 14, 2012. The shooter made his way to her son’s first grade classroom, killing his teacher and a classmate. When he stopped to re-load, her son escaped, running to a nearby fire station. Her daughter, who remained hidden inside an art room office, also survived, but the lessons learned were significant. Carly’s other two children were at the intermediate school in Newtown where they were in lockdown the entire school day. The lack of preparedness within the community to respond and recover to such an incident left a lasting impression.

Today, as Mission Director for the “I Love U Guys” Foundation, Carly travels the country sharing her story to promote school safety and preparedness. Her experiences as a parent and a community member provide a compelling, often heartbreaking, case study for the need to prepare for the unthinkable. Carly has previously served as the Executive Director for the Safe2Tell Nonprofit and as Program Director for Anderson Software. She now lives in Colorado with her husband, Dave, and their four children.

11:30-11:45:     Sponsor Demonstration. (Defenselite)

11:45-1:00:       Hosted Lunch in Trade Showroom (Hosted by Defenselite)

1:00-1:15:         Sponsor Demonstration (CEIA USA)

1:15-2:15:         Dan Wold: “Leading During a Crisis and Beyond”

Title: Interim Superintendent in Corbett, Oregon; Former Superintendent of Schools in Eureka County, Nevada

Area of Specialty: Leading During a Crisis and Beyond. How can we, as leaders,  stay calm, heathy, and focused on our priorities through an extended “crisis,” and help our staffs do the same?

Bio: Dan served in the field of education for 43 years. Currently, he is in his second year as Interim Superintendent in Corbett, Oregon. His previous position was Superintendent of Schools in Eureka County, Nevada. When Dan stepped down, Eureka had the highest 10-year graduation rate in the nation, the highest test scores in Nevada, the highest aggregate school climate scores in the state, and the highest college/military placement in the Nevada. In Oregon, Corbett High School was recently named as being in the Top 5% nationally, and the two grade schools are on the 97th and 99th percentile nationwide for school climate.

While superintendent in Nevada, Dan also served on the Nevada Emergency Management Team, the Governor’s Educator Ethics Commission and the State Grants Commission. While teaching and coaching, Dan received four Coach of the Year awards. In 2008 Dan was named Nevada’s Most Visionary Educator, in 2016 he was named Nevada’s Star Administrator for his involvement in and support of student activities, and in 2019 he received the national Gatekeeper Award for his advancement of student and staff safety. Dan is also recently retired as a reserve law enforcement officer in Nevada, and enjoys hiking and playing drums in one of Lake Tahoe’s favorite bands.

2:15-2:30:         Break

2:30-4:00:         John Callery: “Alarming Changes In Drugs At Your Schools”

Title: Special Agent In Charge San Diego Field Division Drug Enforcement Administration

Area of Specialty: Alarming Changes In Drugs In Your Schools

Bio: John Callery is the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the DEA San Diego, California District Office where he leads and manages DEA Operations. The Office is currently concentrating on the growing opioid threat, Mexican Cartels and the enduring scourge of methamphetamine trafficking in the region.

John has more than 35 years of law enforcement experience beginning as a Police Officer in the United States Air Force (USAF) where he was also detailed to the prestigious USAF Presidential Honor Guard at Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C., serving then President Ronald Reagan. John matriculated his law enforcement career as a DEA Special Agent in 1992, initially assigned to the DEA Los Angeles Field Division, with later overseas tours in Thailand and Malaysia. He is a professional trainer and has conducted hundreds of lectures around the globe on a myriad of law enforcement, intelligence and counter terrorism topics. Since 2010, he continues his support of the education safety industry as a means to foster relationships between academia and law enforcement for enhanced efforts in school safety.

John earned a Master’s of Science in Counterterrorism-WMD from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from the University of Maryland. He also holds a Master Certificate in Conflict Management from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business.

4:00-5:00:         The Scarlet Verbs: “Stress, The Musical)

In school safety we often focus too much on a bad guy coming to a school to do harm. Realistically, there is about a .0001% chance of an armed intruder coming to a school or workplace. On the other hand, there is a 100% chance of stress coming into your school or workplace, and stress can be a silent killer. In schools, the last 18 months during the COVID response has been the most stressful period in modern history. This goes for staff, students, and families. We’re not out of the COVID response phase yet, and there is a possibility we have a long way to go till we reach the Return To Normalcy. Stress and COVID have a couple things in common. They can both kill if they are not handled properly. If COVID enters a school or workplace, it can spread to others. But so can stress. A stressed-out person causes everyone around them to be stressed. Especially during an emergency response. And most importantly, it’s up to each of us to figure out how we’re going prepare ourselves to combat both COVID, and stress.

The Scarlet Verbs are a band made up of education, mental health, and business professionals. They are entertaining, but they also put out a valuable message that can save lives. Music and laughter are the two universal languages we all understand, and the presenters in this session combine both to get their life-saving message out to attendees. There is a reason why this session was put at the end of Day 1 of the conference. Some of the things we talk about in school safety can be downers. It’s the nature of the beast. But this presentation will make attendees feel good, smile, and give them take aways that lead to better mental and physical health. There is no better way to end the day and send attendees off to the Welcome Reception to meet and mingle with their peers than to make sure everyone leaves in a good mood, and this presentation will get you there. Medical experts say a person uses twice as many face muscles to smile than they do to frown. This interactive presentation will give your face a workout in a positive way...

5:00-6:30:         Welcome Reception in the Trade Showroom Hosted by Navigate 360: Soft drinks, wine, beer, and appetizers will be provided.

** Presentations are subject to last minute changes, but we’ll do our best to adhere to this agenda.



7:00-8:00:         Registration and coffee outside the meeting room. Registration desk is in the hallway  outside the meeting rooms. Look for the Institute Banner.

800-8:15:          Welcome Back

8:15-9:45:         Theresa Campbell: “Digital Threat Assessment and Remote Learning in Education”

Title: CEO, Safer Schools Together

Area of Specialty: Digital Threat Assessment and Remote Learning in Education

Bio:Theresa Campbell is the President of Safer Schools Together, an organization focused on promoting a climate and culture of safety in schools and Executive Director, International Centre for Threat Assessment (ICTA).

Theresa established Safer Schools Together (SST) in 2008, to provide opportunities for extensive professional development in the areas of safe and caring schools and violence prevention. In addition to hosting training symposiums, SST has authored the Safe & Caring School Tool to measure the climate and culture of a school, as well as ensure best practices are followed and the Ministry of Education mandates regarding school/student safety are met. Recommendations from each assessment are aimed at ensuring that positive programs and proactive measures to address bullying, drugs and fighting are implemented, or enhanced, ensuring students, staff and parents feel safe and comfortable in their respective schools. SST was awarded the contract for the British Columbia Provincially mandated ERASE Bullying Prevention Training Strategy for which, Theresa is the lead trainer.

Theresa was identified 20 years ago by educational and law enforcement professionals as an innovative visionary and passionate leader in the area of program development and ensuring safe and caring schools. She developed the first web-based anonymous reporting tool to encourage students to get personally involved in ensuring the safety and security of their school. In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious 2008 Frederic Milton Thrasher Award for superior service in gang prevention.

Theresa is very involved in the community and has served on many boards and committees, liaising with various levels of government, police services, school districts, regional health and social services. She is also an executive board member of the Odd Squad VPD (Vancouver Police Department).

Previously as Manager of Safe Schools for the Surrey School District, she has been responsible for the conceptualization, development and implementation of many highly successful and comprehensive, evidence-based prevention and intervention programs, initiatives and resource materials aimed at enhancing student and staff safety. Many of these unique and innovative projects have also been recognized and implemented worldwide. Prior to the Surrey School District, Theresa spent 10 years with the Vancouver School District where she worked extensively with entrenched, at-risk and gang-associated youth.

Theresa is also the executive producer of five award-winning gang prevention documentaries and a certified trainer and consultant with the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response and serves as a representative on municipal, provincial and federal committees. She has been recognized for her work by all three levels of Canadian government.

9:45-10:15:       Break in Trade Showroom (Hosted by School Safe I.D. and Safe Haven Defense))

10:15-11:45:     Jay Martin: “Building Healthy Digital Lives”

Title: DFi, Director of Curriculum and Training & Retired Deputy Sheriff

Area of Specialty: Building Healthy Social, Emotional & Digital Lives Through the Development of Proactive Educational Awareness Resources & Curriculum for Youth, Parents, Schools, & Communities.

Bio: Jay Martin retired from the Douglas County Sheriff’s where he was D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year in 2009, and then created a grass-roots law enforcement educational program that was Nationally recognized in 2012 & 2017.  The lessons Jay developed became the foundation for the non-profit Digital Futures Initiative, (DFi) where he is the current Director of Training & Curriculum.  He also is presently teaching Life Skills to inner city youth with Omaha Public Schools, in Nebraska.

While working with DFi Jay has spoken at many National Conferences to aid communities in digital awareness, education, & discussions.  He has established partnerships with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), movie producers (Social Dilemma, & Coded Bias on Netflix), several psychology Doctors, & authors of books surrounding concerning topics needing addressed in homes, schools, & cities.  The partnerships assisted in building credible & reliable curriculum to train instructors on the best evidence-based practices to utilize when attempting to proactively prevent against a variety of local & global issues.  He has helped build DFi’s instructor base to include educators in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Philippines.

Jay has been educating, writing curriculum, and working with juveniles and within the juvenile justice system for 25+ years.  His passion remains to support communities in better outcomes to advocate practical changes to current or arising issues.

11:30-11:45:     Sponsor Demonstration. (Public Consulting Group)

11:45-1:00:       Hosted Lunch in Trade Showroom (Hosted by Public Consulting Group)

1:00-1:15:         Sponsor Demonstration (CEIA USA)

1:15-2:2:30:      Tim Ware: “A Virus of Another Kind”

Title: School Safety and Security Coordinator for San Diego County Office of Education

Area of Specialty: A Virus of Another Kind

Bio: The Coronavirus is the great equalizer. No race, creed, color or class of people has been able to escape it’s deadly grip. But long before Covid-19 made its way to the shores of the United States, we were plagued by another virus. The Shameless Culture of young violent people has devasted lives and paralyzed the American Pysche and many experts believe this latest Pandemic could unleash the perfect excuse to ramp up more terror, violence  and devastation. Join Tim Ware (School Safety and Security Coordinator for San Diego County Office of Education) as he ventures behind the motivation of the Shameless Culture.

2:30-2:45:         Break

2:45-3:45:         Will Gordillo: “Best Practices for Conducting Threat Assessments for Students with Disabilities”

Title: Best Practices for Conducting Threat Assessments with Students with Disabilities: Avoiding Risks, Complaints and Legal Pitfalls

Area of Specialty: Special education, psychological services and crisis management for Miami Dade County Public Schools and School District of Palm Beach County in Florida

Bio: Will Gordillo, a senior associate, provides thought leadership and consulting services to support special education initiatives and behavioral threat assessment policies, practices, and solutions to project implementations nation-wide. Will is currently supporting the implementation of integrated solutions for behavioral threat assessment, suicide risk assessment, sexual misconduct response, and fire-setting response to help manage and address the behavioral mental health and wellness of students with school safety in mind. Prior to joining PCG, will oversaw special education, psychological services and crisis management for Miami Dade County Public Schools and later for the School District of Palm Beach County in Florida.

3:45-4:30:         Jeff Kaye: “Teen Addiction, The Spotter Program”

Title: Positive Peer Support and Education to Combat Teen Addiction

Area of Specialty:  Teen addiction is at an all-time high as we move out of the COVID shutdown. Isolationism caused depression, which often leads to drug or alcohol use, which exacerbates depression. What we in education can do about this problem that is killing our youth is the topic of discussion in this presentation.

Bio: Jeff Kaye is a co-founder of the International School Safety Institute. He spent the majority of his 25-year law enforcement career with the Reno Police Department in undercover assignments. This included a long-term undercover operation where he took on another identity and lived on the streets to infiltrate criminal elements. In that operation, he saw firsthand how addiction to drugs or alcohol can take otherwise ordinary people down the wrong road where it can lead to homelessness, broken families, and all too often death. Jeff is often quoted as saying, “Not every teen who uses drugs or alcohol is an addict, but every addict I’ve ever met started using drugs or alcohol as a teen.” America’s youth is where we need to focus our efforts in addiction. Schools and families working together with proactive programs focusing on positive peer support is an effective method of fighting the drug problem. If we cut down on the demand in U.S., we will also cut down on the supply. There is a .0001% chance a bad guy with a gun will come to a school in the U.S. to commit violence, but there is a 100% chance someone in your school right now will fight an addiction problem at some point in their life. And all too many of them die. We need to focus more effort on this problem, and this session will talk about how to do that.

4:30-5:00:         Q&A for Presenters and Final Comments

5:00:                Conference is concluded.

** Presentations are subject to last minute changes, but we’ll do our best to adhere to this agenda.