School Emergency Management, a Practical Approach to Implementation.



Author: Jeff Kaye

About the Book: This is a credible and useful book on how to implement effective emergency management procedures in schools. Jeff Kaye, along with co-authors Roy Hill and Blake Goetz, share their experiences and knowledge on how to implement the principles of the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System into all areas of school emergency response. This book will assist your school district to achieve 100% compliance with all Federal and State mandates on emergency management planning and training programs in schools, and assist in securing federal and state grant funding for safety projects. Most importantly, putting the concepts in this book into practical use in your school district will assist in saving lives.

This book was written by school safety professionals with combined 100-plus years of experience in public safety and emergency management. It was designed for use by laypersons and law enforcement personnel tasked with school safety and written in an easy-to-understand manner in order to assist in the implementation of safe school strategies.

Foreword: Written by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author and International Expert on School Violence.

Endorsement by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman: “You hold in your hands the finest available guideline, written by the most eminently qualified individuals, uniquely designed to help schools keep our precious children safe.


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