International School Safety Institute TM

Silver Sponsorship

Your company logo and link to your website are listed on the conference website. Opportunity for promotional literature to be included in the conference attendee bags.

Cost: $500.00

International School Safety Institute TM

Gold Sponsorship

Everything included in the Silver package is included. Additionally, the Gold Sponsors will have a six-foot table for display at the conference in the Sponsor Room. All lunches and breaks for attendees will take place in the Sponsor Room. Two total conference registrations are included in this package.

Cost: $1,500.00

International School Safety Institute TM

Platinum Sponsorship (Two Available)

Everything is included in the Silver and Gold Sponsorships. This sponsorship also includes the company logo and link to the company website on all-conference emails. Each Platinum Sponsor will be featured on one conference email during the 60-days leading up to the conference. Conference emails go out to approximately 10,000 recipients from the education and law enforcement industries on a bi-monthly basis beginning in July of 2021 through the conference date. The Platinum Sponsors will host one of the conference lunches and have 10-minutes to address attendees' general assembly before the hosted lunch.

Cost: $5,000.00

International School Safety Institute TM

Platinum-Plus Sponsorship
(One Available)

Everything was included in the Platinum Sponsorship, except for the hosted conference lunch and lunchtime presentation. The Platinum Plus Sponsor will host the lunch for the bonus Nevada Track Pre-Conference Workshop to be held at the venue on Sunday, November 14, 2021. The Sponsor will get 20 minutes to present to the workshop participants about the company and their products. A sponsor table will also be set up inside the workshop room. No other sponsors will be set up during the workshop. This workshop is specific to school safety issues in Nevada. In addition to attendees to the full conference, there is a one-day registration available for this workshop, so attendees can be reached who might not be in attendance who might not be at the general sessions and sponsor the show. Presenters and participants from the Nevada Department of Education and the State Risk Management Pool will attend this workshop.

Cost: $5,000.00

Sponsor Conference Information

The International School Safety Institute attracts attendees involved in the decision-making areas of school safety. This includes Superintendents, School Board Members, Principals, Assistant Principals, Risk Managers, Security Directors, Law Enforcement Personnel involved in school safety, and other persons involved in school safety or emergency response. Attendees are approximately 90% school personnel and 10% law enforcement personnel. This symposium draws attendees from all across the United States and also draws attendees from Canada. Attendance is capped at 120 to ensure all attendees can attend all keynote sessions. 

International School Safety Institute TM


Interested sponsors are asked to complete the Sponsor Application Form for review by the Institute staff. The International School Safety Institute staff reserves the right to decline participation to sponsors promoting equipment or services deemed inappropriate or not in the best interest of school safety. An Institute staff member will personally contact each potential sponsor to discuss products and services to be displayed at the conference. A contract will be issued upon agreement between the potential sponsor and the International School Safety Institute.

For questions, please contact Jeff Kaye at (775) 233-8317 or jeff@schoolsafetyops.com.


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